Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Gifts

I was infected with the running bug when I was twenty-five years old.  Up until then I looked with envy at people who ran.  I thought you had to have some special gift.  I attempted as a teenager to experiment with running but somehow thought I must not have the "gift" runners seemed to possess.  (Runners always made it look so easy!)  Since then I realized I was born with two special gifts. One is called the right foot and the other is called the left foot.  Since that moment of discovery, those two gifts have carried me on many happy miles and even on a marathon. 

My running infection began when I was newly married and we had moved to a new city for Ben and I to attend college.  We lived in a beautiful area where mountains were majestically placed right outside our front door.  I had been taking an aerobics class for a semester and when it ended I decided I needed to figure out another way to stay fit.  Ben and I just tried running one summer morning and we managed to survive one mile without too much pain or difficulty.  And I just kept running. That fall I ran my first 5K at a Greek Festival with a time of 31:43.  From this beginning, I've had ups and downs but running has continued to be an important part of my life despite four moves and four kids and... life.

Miles last week: 22.5
Total 2010 miles: 162

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  1. Sweet idea! I might just join in on something like this...I think I need a little more accountability :)

    So nice to meet you!